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                                                                                                       Wee Care Child Center Newsletter
                  Thank you very much to all of the families that donated items/baking to our Terry Fox Fundraiser that was held on September 15th. Despite the terrible weather that day we made $400.00, and all of that will be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research!
                It seems crazy, but time of year has come again for the Wee Care Child Center Wine Raffle Fundraiser. This is the one fundraiser that we do all year, so we rely on support from our daycare families. We kindly ask each family donate one bottle of wine to the raffle and sell at least one book of tickets, or donate $50.00.  Wine bottles can be brought to the kitchen at the main center, or given to a staff member at the school age location. We would like bottles to be in by Oct. 20th so have sufficient time to get ticket books printed. 
              Last year we had 93 bottles of wine donated and made a profit of $5,500 in ticket sales from the raffle! The profits went towards playground renovations at the main center, and new furniture at the school age center. This year we are hoping to make enough money to cover the cost of new lockers in both the preschool and toddler locker rooms. 
On Sept. 20th the preschool room put on a Grandparents Tea. The children sang a special song, recited a poem, and listened to a story from one of our own daycare children’s grandma. Then they had a yummy snack and enjoyed a visit. Thank you so much to all the grandparents that came out. The children were so excited to have you come join us!
We have two new staff at our school age program this year. Rachel Ort and Hope S. We have very excited to have them join our team!
We have had several requests from parents in the preschool room about what group their children are in. The groups are listed below.
** Please not that there may be days when you child may be changed to a different group due to high/low attendance. Thank you for your co-operation, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 
Group #1
Group #2
Group #3
Center Activities Sept. 25-29
Infant Room
Sept. 25th – Transportation Day – Paint with fire trucks, tractors etc. 
Sept. 27th – Singing Day – We will sing lots of fun songs.
Sept. 29 – Play with musical instruments
Toddler Room
“I Am Special Week”
Sept. 26th – Make a chart to measure all the children in the room.
Sept. 27th – Dress Up Day! Dress in a nice outfit to take pictures
Sept. 29th – Wear your favorite color. 
Preschool Room 
Sept. 25th – Crazy Hair Day and Show and Tell!
Sept. 26th – Backwards Day
Sept. 27th – Wear crazy colors
Sept. 28th – Hat Day! Celebrate the Sept. Birthdays.
Sept. 29th – Dress Up Day! Wear a fancy costume or clothes from home
Kinders/Upstairs Group
Sept 25th – Teddy Bear Day
Sept 26th – Apple Day
Sept. 27th – Walk to the library
Sept. 29th – PJ and Movie Day!!!!!


Tuesday - Meat Loaf, Rice, Veggies, Mill/Water

Wednesday- Grilled Cheese and Ham Sandwich,Veggies and Dip,  Milk/Water

Thursday - Chicken Quesidillas, Fruit, Milk/Water

Friday - Spagetti and Breadsticks, Fruit, Milk/Water



Tuesday - Lasagna, Garlic Toast, Fruit, Milk/Water

Wednesday - Potato & Bacon Chowder, W.W Bun, Fruit, Milk/Water

Thursday - Fish Sticks, Rice Medley, Fruit, Milk/Water

Friday - BBQ Chicken Breast, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Cooked Veggies, Milk/Water



We provide two healthy snacks per day based on Canada's Food Guide

    • Parent's provide lunch or sign up for our Hot Lunch Program--Our kitchen staff makes sure that lunches are properly stored and heated if necesssary prior to being served.
Milk/Water is offered at both snacks and lunch time.
  • Wee Care is a Nut Safe Center
  • Please see our polices related to food for further details
  •  We offer a hot lunch program 4 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It is $3.00 per lunch.

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